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Welcome to Porcelain Beauties -
Doll Making School and Studio

The Finest Doll Making Classes In Western Canada!

(Greenware For Various Kira Dolls Above - $100 Each)

Doll NEWS: ( 2012 Doll Show )
The Canadian Doll Festival was held June 7 - 10th. at the Village Creek Country Inn at Pegion Lake Resort. It was exciting and the most fun ever. Our theme of School Days brought out the student in all of us and one very stern school teacher played by Marla Eve from Ontario Canada. Marla played the part to perfection and won the best costume award for the evening. We had spelling bees and a painting project. Oh what fun we all had. Much to his amazement a gentleman from California won the art competition.

The competition room was overwhelming for me to stand and look at all the wonderful dolls. To realize that I had taught all but two of the Ladies with dolls in the competition of 75 dolls. My heart was bursting at the wonderful work that was there for all to see. It was definitely the Deb Holt award Show. Deb not only received her Triple Crown of Doll Making, she won the Millie and Magge as well. Congratulations on your great success, your dolls were wonderful. Congratulations to Karen McKay who won the Viola for her rendition of Peaches, and was chosen by Stan. The Master of Doll Making degrees were achieved by Nancy Welligan, Judy Winter and Lois Leskosek. Well done. I was given the Master Educator award by the Doll Artisan Guild. I thank the Guild for that.

I want to thank all who attended, especially those who made the long trek from California and Ontario Canada, you came a long way. Each one who attended made the event FUN FUN FUN and I hope to see all of you at the next show and to those who did not come and could have, you missed out on a very good time. Thanks Very Much to All that attended!

Join in this wonderful celebration and time of sharing!
Learn the Art of Doll Making with Grand Master Doll Maker Gail Sulek
As an Instructing Studio, we teach beginning, intermediate and advanced students the fundamentals of Porcelain Doll Making and Decorative Arts. We hope you`ll enjoy this experience and look forward to welcoming you to Class or one of our Seminars.


The Benefits of Attending Doll Making Classes - with Porcelain Beauties

We provide a soothing environment which allows for creativity of unsurpassed levels. Our Classes promote social interaction and group awareness which have great therapeutic value allowing you to diminish your level of stress.

We invite you to learn new skills with tailored instruction while working at your own pace. Doll Making teaches you the ability to follow step by step procedures to complete your own creation. Creating your very own Masterpiece will Improve your hand eye coordination and perception of colors.
DoItYourself projects are available at various levels of achievement... from the beginner to the Master Doll Maker. Join us and our artistic endeavor
rs will give you a sense of pleasure difficult to find anywhere else.

For a demonstration in Doll making, Pergamano, and Flower Soft, please see one of the various movie clips throughout this website. Also, don't miss our segment on greenware since it is worth a look see.

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